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take an online course

What is Udemy?

If you a looking to take an online course then take a look at Udemy. Udemy is an online platform connecting teachers and students worldwide.  The website features over 150,000 courses starting from £13.99.    You can choose from dozens of categories like design, photography, finance, music, and marketing.  The platform contains over 100,000 videos used in courses to teach students new skills.  The courses range in prices and have a star rating system to assist potential students in selecting a suitable course.  Students also benefit from reading the reviews on the course prior to enrolling.  

Become a Udemy teacher

If you have skills that you think could benefit others then Udemy gives you the chance to sign up and create your own course.  This might be ideal if you have already put together content for example a YourTube series which you could then upload and create a course.

Getting started is easy and is free to create an account.  The online dashboard guides you through the process of creating a course by going through a wizard set-up were you will be prompted to answer questions about your course, features, and what students will learn on your course.  You can break the course into sections, upload videos, and create quizzes.

Paid or Free courses

Once you have created your course you may have to submit some test content that Udemy will then review and give you tips on the quality.  Once your content has been approved you will also need to link your Uuemy account to Paypal in order to receive payments.  You can either select to give your course away for free for example the first section in the series or select a price from one of the preset pricing bands. 

The amount of money you receive from the course will vary depending on were the signup has originated from.  You will receive more money if it is a direct sale from an external website or social media rather than a purchase on the uDemy website itself. 

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